Friday, July 21, 2006

Day Watch

Title: Day Watch -aka- Dnevnoy dozor (2006)
Dir: Timur Bekmambetov
Rating: *** out of 5 stars

I'll probably end up reviewing this a second time when it is released on region 1 DVD. The version I saw had some iffy subtitles and unfortunately I don't speak Russian.

For those living under a rock, Day Watch is the follow-up to Night Watch (my review). Both films - part of a trilogy - are about the modern struggle between Light and Dark (like Good vs. Evil, but not necessarily). These movies are known for their epic, fantastical story and wild visuals. But don't forget - DAY WATCH IS A SEQUEL! SEE NIGHT WATCH FIRST!

In this second installment, the Dark side has acquired a powerful new "Other" who could destroy the Light Others, and even the world. But the Light Others have their own messiah-of-sorts. There is also a mysterious piece of chalk that can supposedly save them all.

I know that's a shitty plot description, but it's hard to say anymore without revealing Night Watch spoilers. Day is more confusing and less cohesive than its predecessor. Nor are the visuals quite as cool, but it does have some neat moments. Also, the "villains" are a lot more interesting than the good guys in this film (unlike Night).

Day also comes with a love story that should've been left out. And there are all kinds of random moments that needed to be cut. My biggest issue with the film is that it's all over the place and gets pretty confusing pretty fast. But maybe something was lost in translation for me.

In conclusion, Day Watch is definitely worth seeing for fans of the first film. But if you didn't like Night Watch, you'll like Day Watch even less.