Friday, October 20, 2006


Title: Click (2006)
Dir: Frank Coraci
Rating: ** out of 5 stars

Let's face it: If Adam Sandler isn't screaming or throwing golf clubs, it's just not funny. Click has some endearing family moments and two titter-worthy jokes, but overall it is pretty dull.

Sandler plays a man struggling to balance his job and his family. While shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond for a universal remote control, he wanders into the "Beyond" section (get it? ha...ha) and a creepy dude (who else? Christopher Walken) gives him a universal remote. Little does he know that this remote controls not just the TV, but life itself. So he uses the remote to save time and generally make his life easier...until it inevitably backfires on him.

Very little was funny about this film, and some parts downright creeped me out (like Kate Beckinsale's character getting turned on watching the dog hump a stuffed animal). Click actually gets REALLY depressing. Every conceivable tragedy starts happening to Sandler in the second half of the film. Some of these tragic moments were worth keeping, but others are just plain overkill.

And when the movie finally gets to the point of being cripplingly sad (remember, this was supposed to be a comedy), Click pulls one of those appalingly convenient cop-outs. Yes, aspiring filmmakers, if ever you want to back out of a terrible story line, just give the audience a proverbial "just kidding!" and no one will notice.