Sunday, March 25, 2007


Title: TMNT (2007)
Dir: Kevin Munroe
Rating: **1/2 out of 5 stars

In a nutshell (turtleshell?), this movie just did nothing for me. I was a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid, but I wasn't too keen on this CGI thing. The movie itself felt like an extended episode of the newer TMNT series. It felt very different from the Turtles I am accustomed to.

So here's the plot: Leonardo has left the Turtles for some soul-seeking venture in the jungle. Meanwhile, the other three have grown apart, especially Raphael who starts doing solo vigilante work. When four mysterious statues arrive in town, along with a slew of giant monsters, Master Splinter re-unites the four turtles so they can save the day once again.

Perhaps I did not like this movie because it was basically a CGI sequel to the first three live-action films. So everything that occurs is post-Shredder. Boooooring. So it felt like one of those cartoon episodes that make you sigh because it's about some lame side-villain you've never heard of. Ya know, like turning on Batman: The Animated Series for some badass Joker or Scarecrow action only to find this week's episode is about...the Clock King? Aww, c'mon.

I would love to see another TMNT movie (cgi, liveaction, animated, whatever) about the turtles vs. Shredder, Brain, the foot clan, etc. That's the Turtles I know and love! The villains in this movie - which are basically resurrected statues - are boring, nonthreatening, and never seen prior to this film. It truly felt like one of the crappier episodes of the new tv show. Oh, and lest I forget how terrible Casey Jones and April O'Neil are in this movie! Voices by Chris Evans and Sarah Michelle Gellar, no less. Give me a break.

On the plus side, the CGI is pretty good. Particularly during a fight scene in the rain, I thought the fx looked really well-done. I think the filmmakers spent so much time on visuals, they forgot to write a good story. Tis a shame. The 8-year-old in me will just have to keep waiting.