Monday, May 12, 2008

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Title: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
Dir: Shane Black
Rating: ***** out of 5 stars

I am grateful for Iron Man for two reasons: 1) it's a fucking awesome movie, and 2) it was the catalyst I needed to make me finally watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang after much procrastination. Iron Man may have perked my interest in Robert Downey Jr. but Kiss Kiss launced a full-on love affair. In addition to perfect performances by RDJ and Val Kilmer, the movie has a clever script, hilarious dialogue, and a talented director at the helm.

In this black comedy-noir, Downey Jr. plays Harry, a small-time thief who is mistaken for an actor and sent to L.A. to screentest for a detective film. He meets Perry (Kilmer), a gay private detective who gives him 'detective lessons' for the film. While on a routine case, Perry and Harry come across a dead girl and thus are unwittingly dragged into a homicide case. Meanwhile, at a party, Harry runs into his childhood sweetheart, Harmony (Michelle Monaghan). She believes him to be a PI and asks him to help solve her sister's murder. He reluctantly agrees, but soon realizes the two cases may be connected.

Kiss Kiss was written and directed by Shane Black, who is best known for penning action films like Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout. His directorial debut is incredibly witty and smart, with some of the most hilarious dialogue ever put to film. Kilmer is the funniest he has ever been, and Downey Jr. is funny as hell, too. I hope Black writes another comedy like this, and continues to direct because he definitely has skills behind the camera.

I love this film tremendously, and highly recommend you go rent it right now. It is one hilarious, genius film that has been sadly overlooked by the general movie-viewing audience. Do not miss this one, I beg you.