Friday, May 23, 2008

Only You

Title: Only You (1994)
Dir: Norman Jewison
Rating: **** out of 5 stars

Everyone knows Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry Met Sally, but one overlooked, underrated romantic comedy is Only You. It stars two beautiful, charming people and largely takes place in gorgeous Italy. And it's all about fate and destiny, which I am a sucker for. Afterall, I loved Serendipity, which had a pretty similar plot (just before a wedding, fate brings two people together). This is definitely a must-see film for hopeless romantics.

Marisa Tomei plays Faith, who has always believed in destiny and that every person has one soul-mate. A Ouiji board and a fortune teller gave her the name of hers - Damon Bradley. Now in her 30s, she is engaged to marry a podiatrist, but her heart is not in it. Then she gets a phone call from her fiance's old friend...Damon Bradley...who is leaving for Italy. Without hesitation, Faith hops a cab to the airport, and then a plane to Italy to chase down her soul-mate. She is accompanied by her sister-in-law (Bonnie Hunt), who's marriage is ailing.

I won't say what happens next for fear of ruining anything, but trust me, this movie is loaded with romance. Faith meets Downey Jr.'s character in Italy, and together they have wonderful chemistry. I dare you not to fall in love with one of them! The Italian setting is just breathtaking, especially Venice. I so badly want to go there now.

I guess this qualifies as a chick flick, which I don't usually like, but I really enjoyed Only You. It is a very cute, romantic movie. Unfortunately, they just don't make films like this anymore.