Tuesday, February 14, 2012

15 Most Romantic Moments on Doctor Who

Happy Valentine's Day, Whovians! Enjoy this list of the sweetest, most romantic, tearjerkiest moments from the last 6 seasons. And feel free to share your favorites!

15. Craig and Sophie Kiss, The Lodger

Few shows can make you care about one-shot characters like Doctor Who does. Craig and Sophie are proof that the Doctor not only meddles in time and space but in human lives - usually for the better. He helps to bring these two lovelorn friends together and saves the world in the process - all in a day's work for our favorite Time Lord.

14. Kazran and Abigail reunite, A Christmas Carol

It's hard to pinpoint just one moment as this entire Christmas special was just so romantic. But the ending culminates with Kazran realizing he must face losing his beloved Abigail in order to save others. He must finally spend his final day with her - a day he had been dreading and postponing for decades. The scene is accompanied by Katherine Jenkins' beautiful rendition of "Abigail's Song." I dare you not to get goosebumps.

13. The Doctor comes back for Reinette, The Girl in the Fireplace

If you noticed these choices are getting more depressing, you are correct. This one is less "aww" and more "sniff." In this episode, Reinette (aka, the Madame de Pomapadour) falls in love with the Doctor who she has known since she was a child (though he has only known her a day - thanks, time travel!). In this scene, he comes back to take her with him on the TARDIS, but more time has passed than he realized....

12. "Rose, I'm Coming To Get You", Bad Wolf

This is not your classic example of a romantic scene but it was for me. The Ninth Doctor vows to rescue Rose from a fleet of Daleks - widely considered the most dangerous aliens in the Universe and the race responsible for wiping out the Time Lords. Still, the Doctor shows no fear - only love for the woman he had feared dead until this moment. Nine rarely wore his heart on his sleeve, so for Doctor/Rose shippers like me, it was a very romantic scene.

11. Nine saves/kisses Rose, Parting of the Ways

Rose, wanting only to save her Doctor, looks into the heart of the TARDIS and absorbs the time vortex. Knowing that it will kill her, Nine kisses her and absorbs the energy (which ultimately forces his regeneration).

Rose: "My head...it's killing me."
Nine: "Come here. I think you need a Doctor."


10. River Saves the Doctor, Let's Kill Hitler

As the Doctor lays dying, River - who is not yet herself - struggles to understand who she is and what she means to this man. Once she sees who River is, she sacrifices all her regenerations to save the Doctor. Their kiss was a moment many fans were eagerly awaiting.

9. Rose and the Doctor reunite, The Stolen Earth

This was just an epic moment for Rose-Doctor shippers like myself. After many episodes of the two just narrowly avoiding each other, we FINALLY got to see them reunite. My heart was skipping beats just watching these two run toward each other. That is, of course, until they are rudely interrupted by a Dalek.

8. The Doctor's message to Rose, The Satan Pit

Faced with almost certain death, the Doctor's last words are a message to Rose. "If you talk to Rose, just tell her.....tell her....oh, she knows" as he plummets into the abyss. Classic Ten - never able to say what he feels but we all know. This is only one of two moments where he ever even came close to telling Rose his true feelings - something the Doctor can never, ever do.

7.The TARDIS says 'Hello', The Doctor's Wife

In this stunningly beautiful episode penned by Neil Gaiman, the TARDIS becomes personified as a woman. For the first time ever, the Doctor is actually able to meet his oldest and most loyal companion of all. It may seem like a stretch to call it a love story but there is no doubt that the Doctor loves his TARDIS. Seeing them say goodbye in this scene is just heartbreaking.

6. Amy sees the story of the Lone Centurion, Big Bang

When Amy's only chance of survival lies inside the Pandorica, Rory the Roman stands by the box for 2,000 years. When Amy finally emerges, she watches the history of Rory's exploits on a museum television and the scene will bring you to tears. For centuries, he had stood alone by her side, and protected her at all costs. Love stories just don't get much more romantic than this.

5. River sacrifices herself, Forest of the Dead

Words cannot even summarize the levels of emotional intensity within this one scene. It's a tearjerker no matter how you look at it but what makes it so devastatingly romantic and tragic is River and the Doctor's love story - which, for him, has not even begun yet! She is looking at man she has loved for years and he doesn't even know who she is yet. It is heartbreaking! Here she knows this is the end of her timeline but she knows the best has yet to come for him. While this two-parter was our introduction to River, it is ultimately the end of her timeline. *sniff sniff*

4. "Don't let me in", The Girl Who Waited

I must be a masochist. This scene is DEVASTATING. Here, Rory is forced to leave behind an alternate version of the woman he loves in order to prevent a paradox. The scene really becomes emotional when old Amy stops begging to come in and instead asks Rory to leave her behind. She says, "Tell Amy - your Amy - I'm giving her the days with you - days to come - days I can't have." BRUTAL! But beautiful.

3. River tells Rory there is a worse day coming, The Impossible Astronaut

Here we revisit that beautifully tragic love story between River and the Doctor. Their timelines are moving against each other, so everytime they meet, she knows him more, and he knows her less. I find this piece of monologue to be a perfect summary of their star-crossed love story, and this fanvideo below KILLS.

2. John Smith and Joan Redfern, Human Nature/Family of Blood

When the Doctor is forced to go incognito as a human professor, John Smith, he falls in love with a nurse, Joan. But when the world is under alien attack and needs the Doctor,  John refuses to give up his life and his love. This two-parter imagines a universe where the Doctor finds the love he could never have. The scenes where John begs to keep his regular life with Joan are heartbreaking (kudos, Tennant!). "Falling in love never even occurred to him? What kinda of man is that? And now you expect me to die?" *sniff*

1. The Doctor and Rose say good-bye, Doomsday

Between the separation scene and the beach good-bye, this episode destroys me.

Rose: "Can't you come through properly?"
Doctor: "The whole thing would fracture. Two universes would collapse."
Rose: "So?"

Then there's that mysterious line he never gets to say. *sigh* Absolutely wrecked me.