Saturday, June 08, 2013

My Choices for the 12th Doctor

By: Heather Seebach

So Matt Smith is stepping down, and evidently BBC will soon announced his replacement. Chances are, they will go with another young, unknown British actor, but I figured I'd share my choices (realistic or not) for the 12th Doctor. Be sure to tell me your thoughts (and your own suggestions)!

Richard Coyle

Richard became well-known to Brits as Jeff on Coupling, where he proved his funny bone was as strong as his acting chops. Coyle also has an "in" here because that show was created by none other than current Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat! I think Richard has a great range, from silly to dead serious (check out his lead performance in the Pusher remake).

Tom Hiddleston

Ok, this one has a snowball's chance in Hell of happening, but a gal can dream, can't she? Tom has recently exploded thanks to his villainous portrayal of Loki in the Marvel films, but as his fans know, he's a complete goofball in real life. And while he rocks the ginger look quite well, maybe Tom could keep his natural Gene Wilder-esque blonde hair ala the Sixth Doctor? :P

Rafe Spall

Rafe is one of those actors we keep seeing everywhere and he keeps changing how he looks! Thin, heavy, beardy, shaven, curly, straight - whatever, he rocks every look and this dude needs a lead role to call his own! Americans may recognize him from Prometheus (the scientist who likes touching alien-snakes) or as one of the Andy's in Hot Fuzz!

Chiewtal Ejiofor

Maybe you can't spell his name, but if you're a sci-fi geek, you already know his face! How awesome was he as the Operative in Serenity? Obviously we've never had anything but a caucasian Doctor but that could always change. If they're gonna go black, I think Ejiofor, with his charm, humor, and knack for eccentricity, is the obvious choice.

Richard Madden

Best known to Americans as Game of Thrones' Robb Stark (but much more adorable on Sirens), this Scotsman would finally give us the ginger Doctor we've always wanted! Funny enough, Madden is dating the new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman in real life! Puts a little extra adorable on top, doesn't it?

Matthew Macfadyen

Okay, I know how unfair it would be to have Mr. Darcy also be the Doctor (ovarian explosions everywhere!), and I know Matthew is busy with another BBC show right now (Ripper Street), but I'd still kill to see him as the Doctor! He plays serious as well as he does goofy, and the man looks good in every type of clothing.

Michael Sheen

The more I think about this, the more perfect I think Sheen is for the Doctor. He's adorably bubbly, and I've seen him change from sexy to seriously goofy-looking and back. He's also an incredibly talented actor. Of all the men on this list, I think he might be my #1 choice because he is SO well suited to this role. Just forget the fact that he was the voice of House, the evil planetoid in "The Doctor's Wife" haha.

James Nesbitt

Here is another Moffat alumnus - he starred on the series, Jekyll. I think Nesbitt is intense enough he could totally give us another Eccleston-esque brooding Doctor (which I'd love to see again), or he's very bubbly and eccentric when he wants to be.