Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Film: Waiting...(2005)
Director: Rob McKittrick
Tagline: What happens in the kitchen ends up on the plate.
Rating: *1/2 out of 5 stars

When this movie was being promoted, everyone kept saying, "It's like the Office Space for restaurant workers!" But you know what movie did that better? OFFICE SPACE! Remember Chotchkie's? Remember Mike Judge's flare-obsessed manager? I know it was only a small portion of the film, but that small portion was better in every way than Waiting....

I'll give McKittrick slack because this is his first film. And who knows, maybe in time it'll grow on me a little like Old School and Van Wilder did. But I was mostly bored watching it, and it had moments where it was painfully unfunny. For one thing, seeing Ryan Reynolds (Monty) play the same character over and over again gets VERY OLD. It was cute back in the Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place days, but now it's just repetitious. Side note: I never thought I'd get to a point where I liked Nathan Fillion (who was Johnny on TGAGAAPP) more than Reynolds, but I do.

But back to Waiting....it has no plot whatsoever. Character development? Yeah, right. We got small glimpses into Monty's secret insecurities through an ex-girlfriend, but the film goes nowhere with that. None of the characters are adequately developed, they're all just generic "types".

Ok, so aside from all the usual filmmaking necessities, it boils down to this: Is it funny? Not particularly, no. Maybe if you like the same penis joke repeated for an hour and a half (not even different penis jokes - the same one over and over). The occasional absurd dialogue made me smirk or even chuckle, but mostly I was bored.

The most redeemable part of the movie is Dane Cook. I swear to Aisha I am not saying that out of bias. He really had some of the funniest lines, despite having such a small role. Luis Guzman is also pretty funny. But why does Chi McBride talk like Bugs Bunny? Who knows.

Waiting.... is nothing but a crude, witless movie. I'd probably only recommend it to patient, hardcore Dane Cook fans. Otherwise, I'd suggest waiting for the next Mike Judge or Judd Apatow film.