Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Title: Confetti (2006)
Dir: Debbie Isitt
Rating: *** out of 5 stars

Confetti follows in the tradition of Christopher Guest mockumentaries like Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show. In this film, a wedding magazing called Confetti throws a contest in which three couples get their "dream" theme wedding and then a panel of judges will choose the most original one.

The magazine's owner, portrayed by Jimmy Carr, sums up the contest (and the film's plot) perfectly: "Not everyone wants the most important day of their life ruined by a gimmick...but some do!"

The handpicked contestants consist of:
1) A sweet, young couple with a fondness for musicals
2) Two very ambitious, very competitive tennis players
3) A naturist couple. That is, nudists.

The camera basically follows each couple, along with Confetti's staff and two flamboyant wedding planners. Much (if not all) of Confetti's dialogue was improvised, just like in Guest's films. But unfortunately, it is not nearly so funny. The movie has a few great moments, but aims more for the heart than the funny bone. And cute it is, but still not enough.

Playing the musical-loving couple are two of my favorite British actors, Martin Freeman (The Office) and Jessica Stevenson (Spaced). Neither reaches the charm of their previous performances, but they are always a joy to watch in anything, together or individually. The other four contestants were all pretty good too, especially the tennis couple who provided a few really funny moments.

My favorite performances overall came from the wedding planners, played by Jason Watkins and Vincent Franklin. They, much like Freeman and Stevenson's characters, were the least vindictive, most sincere people in the film, thus making them my favorites. Watkins and Franklin also lent the movie its funniest scenes.

I know this review doesn't sound negative enough to warrant 3 stars, but in short, the movie just wasn't funny enough to really grab me. It's possible it could grow on me if I ever saw the film again. It does have a pretty quirky, likable cast and a wonderful premise. And there is no shortage of full-front male nudity, if you're into that sort of thing. And if not, consider this your warning.

Confetti is a cute little attempt at capturing that mockumentary style Guest nails so well, but it just doesn't get there. Still, I wouldn't mind a second try, Brits!