Tuesday, October 03, 2006

District B13

Title: District B13 -aka- Banlieue 13 (2004)
Dir: Pierre Morel
Rating: *** out of 5 stars

I'm a month behind, so I'm gonna make this quick:

District B13 is about a future where Paris is broken up into crime-ridden districts blocked off by walls and police barricades. After the most dangerous district, B13, steals a missile with intentions to sell it, the French government enlists a cop to get it back. He is reluctantly teamed up with the only man who can get him inside B13 - a convict who grew up there. Together they kick some ass and save the day - you know the drill.

Lame and cliche as that plot sounds, it's not that bad. And it has a twist that is far more interesting, but it's a spoiler, so shhh.

Intellectual it is not. It's just an action film. It is most comparable to The Transporter, but in some ways, better. If you liked that movie, you will enjoy District B13. If you generally like brainless action films, you will enjoy District B13.

If you enjoy martials arts, or cheap variations of it, the two main guys are pretty fun to watch (and easy on the eyes). The film isn't particularly memorable, as this short review should prove, but it was an entertaining two hours, nonetheless.