Thursday, September 03, 2009

Flick (2000)

Film: Flick (2000)
Dir: Fintan Connolly
Rating: *1/2 out of 5 stars

I watched this low-budget Irish drama for one reason only - David Murray. I have had an interest in the man ever since his tiny, tiny role in Batman Begins. He had one line ("Where are you?!") but it was enough to make me and my boyfriend simultaneously go, "Who IS that guy?" He has a star quality about him, I just had to see more. He was originally cast to play Destro in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra but was ultimately demoted to a smaller role. In Flick, however, Murray is the star. But much like G.I. Joe, this movie freaking sucks.

This is just another film about small-time pushers and what happens when a drug deal goes south. Murray's character - known by his friends as "Flick" - is trying unsuccessfully to escape this lifestyle. He trusts stupid people, gets in too deep, and suffers the consequences. Frankly, we've seen it all before. If you want to watch a good film about the seedy underworld of drug dealers, watch Refn's Pusher trilogy.

From the very beginning, Flick's low production value is distracting. It looks like a cheap Spanish soap opera with fuzzy lenses and focus that goes in and out. The directing is obnoxiously amateur. The dialogue is forced and often pointless, and many of the actors are just terrible, especially the actresses (Isabelle Menke and Catherine Punch). The character development is shit. When the two leads jump into bed after a worthless two-minute conversation, I could only scream, "What?!" The result is a forced, premature, and drawn-out sex scene. The eye candy is its only saving grace.

The whole thing is slow, full of pointless melodrama and scenes where characters simply stare at each other. All this accompanied by corny saxaphone music. Murray is the best part of the movie, as he actually delivers a believable performance. This man deserves better. For the love of St. Patrick, somebody discover him!